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We put on our first show at the AMF Old Saybrook Bowl this Friday, and it we believe it went very well.  I heard that management liked us alot, and said they will have us back.   We had a great turn out and we want to thank all our friends that came to party with us.  We even had a few old friends that showed up that we haven’t seen in some time.   I hope we got them to be SeeQuence fans. 

 A very special “thank you” goes out to Todd Lundy, who owns Precision Promotions & Graphics LLC,   www.precisionpromotions.net  who took it upon himself and designed and produced a few “SeeQuence Tee Shirts” for us.  We will be placing an order for a quantity of these tee’s so stay tuned and we will let you know when they become available.


Well........SeeQuence is publicly almost 1 year old, and what a year we had.  When we started this project, back in September of 2008, feverishly writing material and rehearsing songs in our basement and living rooms, and we were very skeptical of whether this type of entertainment would ever work out in public.  We battled song styles, song arrangements, rhythm groves, clashing harmonies, and finally around January of 2009 we had enough material to make it through a 4 hour show.   We were very fortunate to have some very good friends and fellow musicians…WSQ members, Bradan and Nancy Pastore, and their posse, who kept egging us on, and finally, the Brookside Steakhouse & Tavern gave us our debut, in the end of January 2009.  To our surprise….the Tavern was packed with a ton of our old friends who gave us a very warm welcome and a big thumbs up, to continue this project.  Since that show, we continued to add more and more material, and added more polish, (not polish), to the act, and we were blessed with restaurant and club owners hiring us to play all summer long.  But....without you.... the fans, we would still be just playing in our basement.  Thank you all for coming out.... show after show.... hooting and hollering.... singing and dancing to the sounds of SeeQuence.   Stay tuned for a wild and crazy SeeQuence birthday party in the end of January 2010.

If we don't run into each other in the next few weeks, we wish all of you and your family, a very Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukah.

Well it is almost the end of February, and we are almost through a 5 weekend stretch of shows.  We would like to thank everyone who came out to see us at the Brookside Steakhouse & Tavern, The Ivory, AMF Saybrook Bowl and the Westbrook Elks Club.  The weather has been ifffy, but this is New England in February.  After the Brookside show on 02-27-10, we get a break, which we will buckle down and learn 6 to12 new songs.  If anyone has a special song they would like to hear, please email us with your suggestion at (seequenceband@gmail.com).  Also.... we will be playing at a few Cancer Benefits this spring and summer, and would love to see you there to support these great causes....so stay tuned for those announcements.  Once and a while.....we join forces with Nancy and Braden Pastore from WSQ, and it looks like that may happen again at one of those Cancer Benefits.  If you have not seen show before, it's one not to miss.